Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three Years Later

It was a very different experience returning to Josiah's graveside with children.

Last year we were in Enderby grieving my father's death, so it's been two years since we've been on site for August 2nd.

We cleaned his gravestone (and cleaned my grandmother's as well). Joelle was extremely helpful - she loves to clean :)

We were numb yet upbeat for most of our visit, but tears came for me as we were planning to leave. So we stayed there a while longer. It was surreal holding Conrad while remembering Josiah.

Joelle wanted to sing a song for "Siah" so her and Marie say Twinkle, Twinkle five times over. It reminded me of times I sang that to Josiah as he fell asleep.

I bawled.

"How long, O Lord?"

- Andrew


Erin Schulte ~ said...

Today of all days I came across this blog. I dont know you and you dont know me but we share a love of the Holy Spirit. Something told me to start at the beginning so I did... I have read it for the last hour or so while at work (dont tell my boss ;). Thank you for so many things today. For reminding me what true unconditionally love is. For reminding me to hug my children and grandchildren a little tighter and a little longer. For remembering to smell the flowers and still be in awe of the trees and amazing surroundings that God has gifted us. To treat others and I would like to be treated and to know that there are always others that are in a rough spot and could use our love, or even a small smile in their time of need. I want to thank you both for bringing such a joyous loving boy into this world. And more than anything I want to thank Jesus for bringing him to me this morning in my small office. Your small boy has done wonders for my spirit this morning. It is true that his spirit does live on, this I can promise you. Because he has spoken directly into my heart today.

Blessings and much love.


Matt Barlow said...

My wife has been searching the internet for any resources on Pallister-Hall and just this morning came across your blog. She has been searching because we recently gave birth to our own child with Pallister-Hall. We just started reading through all your posts and are still on March 2007, but it is extremely comforting to finally find someone else out there who has first hand experience with Pallister-Hall as we're getting now. It is very hard to find resources on a condition as rare as this.

Andrew said...

Hello Mark! Wow, you are right, it is VERY DIFFICULT to find another else who has experienced Pallister-Hall Syndrome.

If you ever want to pass private messages along via email please post a comment here.

Andrew said...

And Erin! I'm sorry that I never replied to comment (I try to follow up with everyone, but you slipped through - sorry).

Thanks for your very encouraging words. I'm glad that our son's story moved and shaped you that day you stumbled upon these posts.

Matt Barlow said...

Andrew, I would love to communicate with you via email.

Andrew said...


Send me an email. we'd love to get to know your family more and share from our experiences.